Saturday, August 4, 2012


I will be spending the next couple of days preparing for a week at a much loved retreat center and visiting with old friends and old home territory on the way.  I am looking forward to the road trip up through the Shenandoah valley, the Pennsylvania countryside and all the beauty of the Eastern seaboard. Much of my life was spent in that landscape.. school and college, my children born there, dearest of friends made, sweet times and terrible losses through the years..a precious history.  Yet, when I lived in those places there was always an underlying restlessness, the yearning for something else that I have written of earlier.

As I sit here early on my porch looking out at the mountains and mist in the cool August morning with the low sounds of doves and faint crow calls, I realize that I am finally home in spirit.   Folks have asked why I travel so little.  My answer is always, "I'm where I would go if I were going somewhere." In the years I have left I am satisfied, most of the time to go deep into this one place, this heart's home I have been blessed to find.  I have a theory that we carry a kind of home landscape in our hearts for all of our lives and when we find ourselves in it, it feels completely right. 

It is a privilege, in this crazy world, to be able to choose my life. I am blessed to be able to go on retreat and experience beauty and quiet and wonderful teaching so I look forward to packing the car and setting out.  It is not, however, the old search for new people, places and things to satisfy my craving for more of something new, shiny and better.  It is instead a revisiting of beloved people and places from my history and the chance to steep in teachings that I can bring home to enhance the days here, bringing me home to my center.  The question then becomes, how well do I inhabit this place, this life that have left?  I love that question!